Meditation and Retreat Trek

Meditation and Retreat Trek

Trekking and Meditation is a new and highly effective concept to achieve in a short time deep relaxation and inner peace. This creates the ability to take advantage of ones own way to permanent joy and contentedness.  While you are trekking through the magnificent mountain world of the Himalayas you will experience deep connectedness with self and the majestic environment. For centuries Buddhist and Hindus techniques of Tibet and Nepal have been taught and we will combine these teachings with well-directed trekking- programs. With expert instructors and support you will have the opportunity to gain a deep, personal impression of probably one of the last ancient wisdom-cultures of our world. You will explore remote Himalayan valleys unchanged in an unbroken tradition up to our age.

The Tibetan term for ‘meditation’ is gom, which signifies something like “to get used to…” This means, to make the mind used to contents, which are leading to lasting happiness and at the same time to recognize through experience the ones which will bring misfortune on oneself. We distinguish between ‘concentrative meditation’, which will provide the basic tools and ‘analytical meditation’, which is examination or analyzing the contents of the mind in diverse ways. Both techniques, including the Tibetan system, we will pass on to you which are more than eight hundred years old.

To experience the benefits of this program you don’t have to be a convinced Buddhist. People who are interested in the functions of ones own mind of all traditions can benefit, particularly those which already practice yoga or other meditative techniques. 
The Yoga and meditation-program will be flexible and will be discussed with you at the beginning of the tour, according to your personal needs, wishes and previous experiences. The duration of the combined yoga, teaching and meditation-settings will vary depending on what is happening during that day, for example how far you have trekked. To give you a rough idea you should count with two to three settings a day of 30-60 minutes each, which is embedded in the daily trekking-program. There will be noble silence daily at specified times and other exercises as agreed. Whenever possible we will meditate in free nature, but, according to the tour, also at specially blessed places, which are connected to famous Buddhist sages of ancient or present ages. Our experienced yoga /meditation-teacher will be also available for your personal questions between the meditation-settings. As agreed in advance, there are also special retreat-programs for experienced Buddhists possible. 
The experiences you gain during this unique and unforgettable journey will be helpful in your daily life too, to achieve more joy and contentedness, and you can use the techniques you learned at home as well.

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Meditation and Retreat Trek
15 Days